Monday, September 13, 2010

It IZZE What It Is

Since one of the main reasons for thrifting your clothes is to reuse and re-purpose, we'll sometimes have posts that show how you can reuse, re-purpose or upcycle an object.

The topic of this post is what you can do with all of those leftover IZZE bottles. 

Whatever you do, do not throw them in the trash.  At the very least, you should recycle them.  To find out if your town or city has a recycling program, check with your parents or google your town/city's name and your state abbreviation along with the word recycling  to see if you can access your town/city's Department of Public Work's website.  This website should give you any information they have on recycling.  Our city's site is full of information on recycling.

One of the most obvious things you can do with your empty bottles is to turn them into vases.  
 image courtesy of young house love

You can leave the label on, or remove it.  One of the cool things about the IZZE bottles is that you can remove the labels and have a clear bottle.  Just peel the label off and use some nail polish remover to remove some of the stickiness left behind.  Then just wash the bottle with some dish soap and a washcloth to remove the rest of the gunk.  To remove the stamped on bottling information, found at the base of the neck, you can either scrape it off with your fingernail or use fingernail polish on it too.

Other things you can do with empty glass bottles:
  • Fill them with marbles or colored glass beads and sit them on your windowsill as sun-catcher.
  • Use them as your Silly Bandz holders, if you're still wearing them.  This should keep them from getting tangled up.  If you don't wear Silly Bandz, use your bottles to hold your bracelets or bangles.
image courtesy of hubpages

  • Paint them.
image courtesy of the ImpulsiveCreativity etsy shop

There are so many other things you can do with empty bottles besides throwing them away.  Just google glass bottle crafts or empty glass bottle uses to get some other ideas.

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