Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodwill Hunting - Color of the Week Sales

We do most of our thrifting at our local Goodwill store.  A lot of Goodwill stores run a "Color of the Week" sale.  At our store, with this special, clothing with the color of the week tag, is $1.  Today, we were able to get to get two pairs of Old Navy of jeans for $1 each.

Sometimes they'll have a sign on the door or in the front of the store that tells what the color of the week is.  If you don't see one,  ask an employee at the register if there is a Color of the Week sale (some GW's don't have these) and find out what they color is and what the sale means.  It may mean clothing is $1 or it may mean that it's 50% off.

Keep in mind that not all clothing will have the same color tag.  For example, the color of the week at our store this week was orange.  Most of the jeans have blue tags, but we found these jeans with orange tags.  You just have to look.  When you thrift, you have to do a little more work to find something than if you went to a "regular" store, but to us, that's part of the fun.  It's like a treasure hunt to find the best deal you can.

Stop back by here tomorrow for our 2nd addition of It's New to Me.


  1. Orange you a sweetie to let me know I need to get up to GW?
    I'd be blue if I hadn't read this post :)
    Hugs to you and Han!

  2. I don't have a Goodwill anywhere close :( But I'm going to a new (to me) thrift store tonight! Going to try to do what you do here, and find a specific "look" :) I'll let you know how that goes!

    P.S. Just saw my button on your side bar! So flattered!!! :)

  3. At the Goodwill stores I go to the "color of the week" always means 50% off. How do you know which Goodwill stores offer the $1 special. That would be even a better treat to get. Regardless, we often find very good deals, and even some brand new items, shopping at the Goodwill.

  4. I really like shopping at Goodwill, but in Metro Atlanta I feel Goodwill is deceptive. While they post a new color of the week on Sunday and make announcements about the great 50% off color during the week, their employees start culling that color and are removing it from the floor on the day the color changes. I like the idea of trying to catch something at half price when the color changes, but that is not likely. I have watched their employees removing books that are that weeks color, Sunday I took my mom to the Goodwill and they were removing electronics with the green tag, which just changed that Sunday, 6.6.2011.

  5. It's not deceptive if you understand how it works-- they use the color tag system to track their merchandise. When new items come in, they tag them with a particular color for that week, which is the last color that was on sale. Then after a number of weeks (depending on the store, some have only 3 colors, while most have 4 or 5) they know any item remaining with that color tag has been in the store for that many weeks. This is why some people feel that they "never find anything good" with the sale color, because all the GOOD stuff usually gets purchased in the few weeks after they're first put on the shelf. It's rare to find clothes with the original tags still on it last that long, though I have done it.

    The color tag items are usually on sale Sunday and Monday, and they shouldn't start removing them until after the sale. However they may have different policies for electronics, as I've rarely seen anything electronic with the sale color tags. It might have to do with how they treat the electronics after they get removed from the shelves-- they may get a better deal donating them to some other organization. (I've seen more cynical posts saying they just rotate them to other stores, but I would think running trucks from store to store for that purpose would cost more than it would save.)

  6. I agree that it is deceptive. The sale at my store begins Sunday at 10 AM, and by 11 AM at least 50% of the "sale" items have been taken to the back. Then the "sale" color sign stays up all week. Very misleading! I now get there at 10 and race to find things.

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